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We are dedicated to our customers. We have done the research to understand their needs and we have discovered beauty trends. We know our future is bright and we stand out. We know even the youth are interested in anti-aging products and selfies. Facebook and Instagram are flooded with these images. Photos are shared and faces are examined. Many are dissatisfied. This also leads to higher incidences of lower confidence and depression. Now the potential for helping them is here.
An interaction to try and help when all seems lost. We also know what they eat may trigger skin problems. As skin care professionals we feel it is our duty to make consumers aware that they need to eat healthy foods for the body.

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We also know that customers are becoming informed about products that are truly pure. Our goal has been meeting and exceeding this expectation. We have done a decade of study on black skin and know this neglected group and made it our mission to corner it. There is also the mixed race population to consider. The family history can also have sensitive skin issues and the characteristics allow us to provide an excellent product for them.
We are constantly looking to expand beyond our country to global locations. Black and the mixed population are our niche. Our contribution will be positive. This industry was created by women and men who had a dream and the tenacity to follow it. They developed a talent to notice patterns. Whether this was discussions, visits, or religious traditions. It also went to expand to shops, clubs, and theaters. The practice of a free gift is a classic appeal that still works.

We are sincere when we talk about fragrance free. Scientifically proven, and we want the consumers to care about the health of their skin. We don’t promise perfection but being comfortable in the skin in which they were born. We want this population to be confident in their looks and not the media’s standard of beauty.
Indoor tanning has been outlawed for minors. This treatment has led to incidents of skin cancer. Those youths with lighter skin tones still need to protect their skin.
We are always learning and desire to become active in getting business acumen and education. This means more that swamping in-boxes with events, offers, and pitches. We aim to personalize the experience with expertise, engagement, and strategies
It is our responsibility to create quality beauty products. You ask any black person what is lacking in the skincare industry and they will probably say a proper presentation of our needs. We acknowledge they want real results with natural ingredients. Another thing; we actually deliver what we promise. We are their voice channeling the strong, determined persona shown on their face. With them in mind, they are not just another order number but a person. We need to reach them to exist in all levels at every channel because we know we are the right product for them.

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